WIL Group International Survey 2019 – Focus on Digital Transformation

“There’s a very real threat that organisations that are slower to move will be radically outpaced by their peers.” – Thorsten Becker

It’s apparent that organisations who are slower to embrace Digital Transformation will be  outclassed if not made redundant by competitors. WIL Group’s 2019 International Survey focusses on the various roles and subsequent impact that their Executive Interims have when approaching Digital Transformation.

A global response of almost 1900 individuals from over 80 industry sectors in 438 locations show that Hong Kong, France, Germany, the UK and Singapore amongst others are leading the trend for implementing change. Assignments in Digital Transformation grew this year from 4% in 2018 to 28% worldwide with key skills such as strategic guidance, project and programme management, HR specialists and Finance being the most positive instruments to successfully implementing change.

What has become clear is that for Digital Transformation to succeed, a definitive purpose and objective of change is the single biggest requirement. The most common reported obstacles include a lack of expertise and competency, cultural barriers and insufficient top-level involvement.

61% of Executive Interims maintain that extra management is required to drive the necessary changes with a focus on strategic communication, with 31% setting clear KPI’s and 51% creating the right culture for transformation.

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Publication originale : WIL Group