In today’s age of digital revolution, a specific set of skills are required to manage and, in some cases, rescue major IT projects. This means optimising current information systems, improving service provider management, and making decisions which are consistent with the company’s situation before it adversely affects the core business of the company.

X-PM provides transformation projects to strengthen the IT sector through:

  • Sustainable resource planning that will be able to focus on “tomorrow’s computing”
  • Bring skills that currently do not exist in the company
  • Integrate a subsidiary or operate a “carve out”
  • Outsource to improve internal efficiency

When choosing solutions or launching projects, our transition managers ensure the firm’s budget, quality and deadlines are met and the desired results are achieved.


·         IT production management by optimising performance while ensuring the continuity of service and the selection of an outsourcing solution
·         Designing the IT strategy and the implementation of redesigning of the main IT systems
·         Management and rehabilitation of several programs: ERP, decision-making, documentary, CRM on national or global basis
·         Implementation of IT management controls in a large organisation
·         Development of IT production back-up and reorganisation of IT teams

X-PM effectively mobilises in-house teams, gauge the company’s precise requirements and create tailored solutions to solve the clients’ needs as well as optimize the relationship between IT and its internal and external environments.

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