Major Brands with Big plans: How UK and French business are accelerating to success


This 6th event of the Cercle International of X-PM was held on June 23, 2021, both in person at the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce in Paris and by videoconference, bringing together many international leaders from Europe and Asia.
The rich presentations and debate converge on three topics: the acceleration of transformations, the preponderant role now played by new digital technologies and the strong need to adapt human resources to the ongoing changes.



Acceleration of change

No surprise, the pandemic is considered to be responsible for unprecedented transformations, which were mostly anticipated, but within a longer period of time:  “the changes of the last 18 months were expected over a period of 5 to 7 years”. More than an evolution, it is a “reset” in areas where transformations also integrate changes in customer expectations and behavior, ESG objectives, and the risks of new protectionist standards.


Preponderant role of digital technologies

The involvement of companies in the use of new technologies is said to have doubled over the last 18 months, particularly in e-commerce and the use of the cloud. Interacting with the customer is revolutionized. Every “classic” company is to become technological and make an extensive use of “data”, artificial intelligence, social networks, as well as tech enabled touchpoints to anticipate and serve personalized customer needs.


Adaptation of human resources

Adapting human resources to the changes taking place has never been more important; stakeholders emphasize:
-The “sense of purpose” as the company’s flag,
-The need to work hard on diversity and international inclusion,
-The need for modern corporate communication that integrates technological, environmental and societal aspects so as to attract new talent,
-The creation of ecosystems of partners that leverage innovation. In China, 60,000 or so innovative start-ups could be integrated into such ecosystems.


Another word on China, now both the world’s largest trader and the largest investor, on a par with the United States in terms of innovation; its markets and resources cannot be ignored. It is necessary to be present locally, to integrate local talents and innovation. It is also advisable to target Chinese companies as customers as they expand outside China, and partner with them to export all over the world starting with Asia. A new way to be global !


Replay of the conference