What will your challenges be in 2021 as a Western company in a booming Chinese economy ?

booming Chinese economy

Aldo Salvador and his team from X-PM China, as well as myself would like to thank Joerg Wuttke for his most documented presentation, December 15th, as to how western companies could best benefit from booming post covid China.

We also thank you all for your questions that led to an impressive and fruitful debate.

You are invited to download the European Chamber of Commerce in China’s latest position paper HERE which highlights some of Joerg’s statements.

In summary it seems that :

1. In spite of some recent “aggressiveness”, trade not only continues but grows at a high rate between China and the West (both Europe and the US) even though companies operating in China may experience critical component shortages leading to temporary disruptions (e.g. automotive).

2. There are difficulties on the investment side, but there is also space for further investments from western companies into China in the years to come especially in the green energy area where massive transformation is expected to reach a carbon neutral situation by 2060.

3. China is likely to dominate the innovation world in the field of new technologies such as artificial intelligence or robotics by 2025. So, let’s stop dreaming about the technologies we are still transferring to China and start figure out how we import the new technologies into the West?

As a conclusion it is more than time to re-balance investments between China and the West and close the corresponding CAI (Comprehensive Agreement on Investments) whose negotiation has been under way for the past 7 years.

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