Setting up a Joint Venture in Brazil

Situation :

An entertainment French Group has decided to expand in Brazil through a partnership (via a Joint Venture company) with a local player.


Objectives :

Following the signature of the partnership, the client’s International Director mandated XPM to assist in the creation and operational start-up of the joint venture with the following objectives:

  • Implementation of a fully established operational company, including all the legal, marketing (brand names, logos, .…), operational (personnel, systems, equipment, …) and financial aspects.
  • Management of the NewCo until the “cruising speed” stage.
  • Handover, coaching and follow-up on goals.


Mission :

To achieve these objectives, X-PM put in place – via its Wil Group partner Thomson Management Horizons – a Franco-Brazilian Transition CEO whose major challenge was to deliver the milestones of the business plan that the client had prepared for the new venture.

In that context, the transition manager:

  • In a first step, he took ownership of the existing business plan and set up a detailed Action Plan of all the elements to be implemented. He, then, successfully rolled out the defined Action plan, working closely with the Client and with the local partner.
  • In a second step, he took over the operational management of the NewCo – with the support of the management team which had been put in place – to transition the JV from a start-up phase to a fully operating company (development of the economic business model, development of the marketing and commercial plan, …)
  • The last step – following after one year, the full implementation of the JV – was designed to smooth the transition to the new management team by preparing and having approved the budget for the next year along with the management KPI’s.



Résults :

The mission was successfully conducted in 18 months.
At the end of the mission, the transition manager was recruited by the client as CEO of the JV.

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