X-PM South East Asia expands its access to Asia’s most qualified professionals

New partnership with Talent Fishers in SEA provides Executive Search capability to increase X-PM SEA’s ability to meet Asia’s growing demand for executive talent

Singapore, 26 September 2017

Executive interim and implementation management firm X-PM South East Asia, a WIL Group Member, has announced a partnership with Talent Fishers, a leading group of recruitment and HR consulting services specialised in the Asia markets.
The partnership enables X-PM to undertake Executive Search, a growing requirement of the organisation’s clients in Singapore, using the services of Talent Fishers not only in Singapore but in the South East Asian region.


Better able to rapidly identify the best executive talent

“More companies in South East Asia and Australasia require interim professional talent or executive search capability to meet critical business imperatives — whether it’s to quickly replace a C-level executive or complete a major change or transformational project,” said Jean-Louis Michelet, Managing Director of X-PM South East Asia.

“This partnership gives X-PM the Executive Search capability to rapidly identify and evaluate the best executive talent in Singapore, meaning we can provide an even more seamless, multi-country interim and transitional management solution to our clients.
“Working with Talent Fishers, we are more confident than ever of our ability to select the best talent for any and every assignment, from rapidly filling management vacancies and managing transformational projects to providing leadership in times of crisis,” Michelet said.

For Talent Fishers, a fully licensed Executive Search Boutique Company in Singapore, the X-PM partnership represents a major boost to its exposure to multinational organisations that are undergoing major change and transformation, bolstering the boutique company’s ability to offer interim placement solutions.

“Talent Fishers is well-placed to provide C-level executives and senior managers when X-PM clients require rapid, and sometimes multi-country, recruitment of industry experts to meet critical challenges,” said Fabien Guerin, Founder and CEO at Talent Fishers.

“The X-PM partnership is testament to Talent Fishers’ ability to identify, reach and evaluate the most qualified talent and experienced professionals not only in Singapore but across the whole of Asia, and in all industries.”

Gateway to high-potential markets

X-PM’s Jean-Louis Michelet agrees, “Singapore is a gateway to high-potential markets across this region, but international companies often face many challenges such as culture, language, levels of economic development, varying business environments and available expertise.

“X-PM’s solutions that meet these challenges, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, are significantly enhanced by this partnership,” Michelet said.  “That’s because Talent Fishers enhances our ability to offer full transition management and search solution services, with the right levels of management and industry skills and experience, to meet our clients’ demanding requirements.”