X-PM provides transition management solutions to large, mid-size and investment fund companies, achieving remarkable and long-lasting results by carrying out crisis management services, transformation and restructuring projects in critical situations.

X-PM is the co-founder and member of the WIL Group, the world’s leading Transition Management Group.

X-PM’s Partners and Transition Managers are senior management professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in various business sectors. With the availability of a global talent pool and resources within the X-PM network, our executives are carefully selected to meet the needs of our clients based on their business sector and function specific expertise, as well as their experience in handling the challenges they may face in a specific assignment.

Since its incorporation in France in 2001, X-PM’s unique value proposition of transition management service offering has helped us to maintain our reputation as one of the pioneering forces in transition management.

To date, X-PM has completed 120 assignments per year on average, in Europe, Asia, the Americas, as well as the Middle East and Africa. Our clients’ loyalty in recurring engagements with us is a strong testament to the high-quality, valuable services we provide.


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