X-PM: Private Equity specialists

The Private Equity unit is led by Joël Templier, Jean-Louis Coppens and Gérard Pfauwadel.

Joël Templier has extensive experience managing projects in performance improvement missions. Jean-Louis Coppens has held various executive financial management roles, notably in international markets. Gérard Pfauwadel, X-PM’s Senior Business Advisor, has expertise in Banking, Insurance and Financial Services.

X-PM has built a talent pool of highly-qualified managers, with expertise in various business sectors and in all company roles – all who have extensive experience in M&A or running companies during LBOs, or have experience in Private Equity funds.

Some missions conducted by X-PM for the PE firms

  • Restructuring a struggling distance-learning company
  • Steering the transformation of a car leasing company
  • Restoring customer relations management at a B2B and B2C services provider
  • Managing a turnaround project in the catering sector


X-PM’s Competitive Edg

Private Equity funds are essential for economic growth. X-PM’s talent pool of seasoned transition managers enables it to quickly provide PE funds with operational support at all stages in managing their portfolio of companies at an international level. For instance, X-PM can help with: due diligence during the pre-acquisition phase, and steering mission-critical projects (recovery, performance improvement, business plans, IT systems, international development, etc.) for companies in the fund’s portfolio. X-PM can also provide support during the sale of an investment. X-PM can respond to transition recruitment needs at all times, when a key position becomes vacant.

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