HR Management

Moving with technology, the landscape of Human Resources (HR) have been undergoing enormous change in its roles and functions. Unlike the conventional supporting role, HR is increasingly playing a leading role in critical business decisions.

Past X-PM Missions

The Human Resources department would have to deal with: functions of the organisation, optimisation of information systems and operations, integration of post-acquisition processes, global talent management, remuneration management, management of the social partners and compliance with regulations.


X-PM supports transformation projects such as:

  • Reductions in workforce, site closures, transfers and reclassification roles
  • Digital transformation, collaborative models, new services for employees
  • Opening of new centres, subsidiaries abroad, rapid recruitment of local personnel


Critical situations in which HR also plays a key role in include:

  • Health and safety issues
  • Crisis such as financial distress faced by companies
  • Workers’ strikes and resistance to change

These situations can put the company in jeopardy, requiring the need for intervention of experienced managers capable of negotiations and decision-making.


The success of a HR transformation project would depend on the adaptability of the Human Resources Manager to the company’s culture. X-PM selects the suitable Transition Manager by targeting its research on personalities who understands and create synergy in your teams.


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