Managing transition with sector-specific expertise

X-PM’s Healthcare unit is led by Joël Templier and Françoise Robinet.

Joël Templier has extensive experience in management consulting and steering cross-functional projects, in both hospitals and industry.

Françoise Robinet began her career as a hospital pharmacist before going on to work for a large variety of healthcare industry groups. Her experience is across a whole range of products (from medicines to medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements) as well as an international vision of the business lines concerned.

Francoise and Joel have brought together a network of active, highly-skilled experts in various  specific segments of the healthcare sector.


Some missions conducted by X-PM in the sector

  • Provision of managerial support for a strategic manufacturing project at international level
  • Management and reorganiation of a manufacturing facility
  • Steering an initial public offering (IPO)
  • Establishing a new Human Resources department
  • Rolling out a healthcare purchasing system


X-PM’s Competitive Edge

The Healthcare Sector is undergoing major changes (increasingly complex and unpredictable R&D, tighter regulatory conditions, media pressure, increased recourse to litigation, major shifts in international markets as emerging economies gain traction, etc.).
These require specific skills, flexibility and a cross-functional, global approach.
X-PM’s healthcare unit members have cutting-edge expertise, an ability to hit the ground running, can be mobilised at international level and are highly flexible. We provide clients with concrete and effective solutions to meet and address these new challenges.

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