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About Cercle International

In the world of Executive Interim, X-PM stands out for its senior management interventions, its commitment to results and its global presence.
Knowing that today :

→ innovation and investment and divestment decisions are above all the result of a great openness to the world,

→ the balance of power between major economies, the global spread of standards and innovations, and concern for the environment are leading companies to rethink their international strategies and transform their organizations,

X-PM operates the “Cercle International”, a French-speaking international business club, made up of managers and executives who have spent several years of their professional life abroad. This club addresses geopolitical developments, local contexts, markets and major innovations in order to identify concrete orientations in terms of locations, supply chain and corporate investments.

Past events :

The year 2020 was devoted to exchanges on the impact of economic, technological and cultural rivalries between China and the United States:

 March 31: “How does the coronavirus get involved in the China-US economic war?” by André Chieng, President of the Asian European Business Association and author of the book “Pratique de la Chine ».

 June 10: “In the economic, technological and cultural confrontation between China and the United States, should third countries choose sides? The example of Israel” by Daniel Haber, Consultant, Asia specialist and author of 12 books on China, Japan and third countries.

 October 14 to 15: DLD LIVE Tel Aviv – Online participation in the Tel Aviv Innovation Fair, meetings of leading technology companies and exchanges with Private Equity.

 October 22: “Central Asian Silk Roads: a strategic challenge for Europe. What are the risks and opportunities for our companies?” by Gilles Rémy, CEO of the CIFAL Group.

Events in 2021 :

Asia will now drive global growth with 60% of global GDP open innovation and autonomy claimed in almost all technologies. Asia is also emerging faster and stronger from the Covid crisis.

A series of events of the Cercle International “Benefiting from Booming post-covid Asia” is devoted to this subject from December 15 and over the first months of 2021. How will Western companies benefit from the new business boom in Asia?

These events prepared by X-PM’s Asian offices will be held in English.

15 December: “What will your challenges be in 2021 as a western company in a booming Chinese economy ?” Joerg Wuttke, Vice-President of BASF, Chairman of EU Chamber of Commerce in China

8 April :  “Exciting opportunities for businesses in Southeast Asia

June : “India is incredible, but how easy is it exactly for your business to succeed there ?”

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