Our Automobile Club, comprising transition managers with extensive knowledge of the sector, analyse changes in all aspects of the world market on a regular basis, in order to better meet the demands of X-PM’s clients.

A selection of missions conducted by X-PM in the sector

  • Reorganising the Purchasing department of the French arm of a US tier 1 manufacturer
  • Taking over Supply Chain management from the factory to the manufacturing plant in Thailand
  • Managing the integration of a German factory into a French tier 1 maker’s manufacturing plant following a takeover
  • Assessing the performance and professionalism of the Brazilian division of a US car part supplier.


X-PM’s Competitive Edge

The Automotive market is competitive, international, and must be run with the utmost rigor and be constantly responsive. X-PM has an international network of experienced, operational transition managers, all of whom are well-versed in the rules of the automotive industry.

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